jungle adventure mini combo-rental

If you ended up on this page there is a good chance you have a toddler of your own. It did not take us long to figure out that a lot of parents calling in with rental inquiries have the same concerns regarding a mix of “big kids” and “little kids”.

It was because of these concerns that we now offer several Toddler Inflatables including bounce houses, ball pits, dry slides, water slides, and even playlands.

The Jungle Adventure Mini Combo is licensed and registered in Pennsylvania. This bounce house and slide combo is ideal for kids ages 6 and under. With beautiful earthly colors, measuring 13ft by 11ft, and animal imprints draped across the front of the unit, the Jungle Adventure Mini Combo is the perfect inflatable for your toddler.

This inflatable includes a large bounce area and a climb and slide ladder large enough to make any toddler happy! The Jungle Adventure Mini Combo can be used both outdoors or indoors (minimum ceiling height of 9 feet) so there aren’t too many places that do not make a suitable setup area. While the maximum recommended weight is 100 lbs per person, this mini combo is suitable for up to 6 kids or 600 pounds.

Unit Dimensions – Jungle Mini

Length: 13′
Width: 13′
Height: 8′

Weight Capacity: no more than 600 pounds
People Capacity: no more than 6 children

Pictures of Jungle Mini

Jungle Adventure Mini Combo

View of Front


View of Side

Toddler Bounce and Slide


Jungle Adventure Mini Combo

View of Side